Sleep is a valued commodity, one that promotes good health and productivity in people’s lives. With the rise of technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT), sleep is an industry that has grown through investment in Intellectual Property and patent attention in recent years. 

Insights provided by Patent Forecast pulls the curtain back to show what type of innovations companies and investors are involved with and working towards. In 2018, the Consumer Sleep Technology sector received 181 applications, with 114 of those resulting in patents issued. Some of the defined sectors of Consumer Sleep Technology that stood out that year were Data Processing and Analytics, Devices, Environment Control and Sensors.  

By filtering through each sector in Consumer Sleep Technology, you can see even greater patent details. For example, in 2018 the Sleep Sensor space saw the following: 

  • 23 Applications
  • 14 Patents Awarded 
  • Most of the Sleep Sensors track 2 to 4 or more aspects of sleep, while others are more focuses sensor on only one aspect of sleep health, such as heart rate, movement, and respiration to just name a few.

Explore the 2018 data that is available on the Magic Number website now for Consumer Sleep Technology, specifically the Patent Radian™ visualization here:

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