“We’re all in this together.” A phrase we have all heard time and time again since COVID-19 changed the entire world. It has touched everyone’s life in some manner, and now we all get to acclimate to a “new normal”. Magic Number wants to do our number to help as well. That is why we are offering out Patent Forecast ® for free to everyone. This provides insights into all patents filed in relation to COVID-19. 

Many companies across all industries are doing similar to data, technology, safety protocols, coping methods, and more. Patent data allows us to see and share that these are the Top 10 Corporate Owners who are filing applications and issued patents to help during the crisis: 

Patent data gets more granular than just the names of the corporation filing. In our Patent Forecast® you can view the invention categorization and classification, along with the number of patents and published applications. For example, there has been 276 Vaccine related patents and published applications, with data that shows you on a macro level the classification of patents in the Vaccine category since 1980: 

Patent Radian® is the visualization of patent data analysis. It shows you over time the “hot spots” where more activity has been or the white space where there is more room for innovation in a sector. Here is a view of just what has been filed or issued in 2020: 

Each of the Patent Points represents activity in that particular area. By clicking on one, a box with more details appears with the patent number, company information, categorization, and also a link to the Patent Matrix® which provides a high-level summary of all the important details from the patent documents. This provides a quick way to look through the key information without spending hours reading. 

Please explore the data more, and find the insights and conclusions to help your company make a difference in the fight against COVID-19. Take a peek at the overview of our Pandemic/Epidemics Patent Forecast here: https://patentforecast.magicnumberip.com/patent-forecast/healthcare-pandemics-epidemics

To view a larger and filterable view of our Patent Radian ™ click here: https://patentforecast.magicnumberip.com/patent-forecast/healthcare-pandemics-epidemics/radian