Sports may be on hiatus, but the passion behind being the best is not! The sports analytics industry has been hard at work figuring out which play to make next to gain a new competitive advantage. Magic Number has noticed movement in the sports analytics arena from sports giants such as Nike and Adidas, as well as some lesser-known ones like TrackMan and Blast. Each company is doing something slightly unique but all along the same vein. 

Recruiters, coaches and players are using a combination of tools such as wearables/sensors and video to capture data on players conditioning and moves. These experts are using video collection and physiological analytics, then synchronizing the data, the technology is able to produce the insights necessary to find out the efficiency/level of performance and predict results on the field or during a contest. 

Here are some ways these various sports analytics technology advancements could be used: 


With COVID-19, recruiting can not happen via traditional in-person methods. Recruiters are leveraging technology to help. They can watch the form and execution potential players have to determine how they could fill the right spot in the up-coming seasons roster. Sensors and wearables also help provide statistical data to aid in decision making and tracking of players. 


Unable to come together as a team for normal training camps, hell weeks, or small group training, technology has been the Hail Mary to help teams stay in fighting form. Planned workouts can be monitored in real-time, as well as tracked over time, to see how the training is improving a player. This technique is important whether a player is trying to get ready for a season or recover from an injury. 


New technology in the works (or some currently available like Nike SPARQ) looks to allow coaches to be able to analyze more than one athlete at a time. This larger data set view will be key for strategic planning for a team’s upcoming season. Coaches would be able to analyze the performance of every player on the field simultaneously, running plays to simulate an actual game. 

Sports (as with many aspects of our lives) has been becoming more data-driven over recent years. These innovations combined with the Coronavirus as a catalyst to make the adoption of these innovations happen – and fast! The Patent Radian view shows the hot spots in innovation have been in the last year (the more Patent Points the more activity!). 

Magic Number sheds light on emerging trends within a sector such as Sports Analytics. Patent Forecast shows how COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of these technologies out of necessity. Some of these tools were already in the works, in use within leagues or teams as a “nice to have” or competitive advantage to joining an organization, but the need brought a new use case to light, helping to bring products to market quicker. 

Due to the pandemic, these emerging technologies became necessities in the “new normal” for the sports world. Whether one is looking at this through a professional lens, that of a sports fan dying to watch the next season or both, patent data plays a role in making this all possible. 

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