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If you’re not using patent data yet, you’re already behind the curve.

Why? Because patent investment always leads market activity.

Patent Forecast® software shows patents in real-time on a unique spatial plane that makes visualizing strategy as simple as connecting dots. LEARN MORE…


Patent Forecast® takes the legwork out of IP and market analysis

Patents aren’t just for IP attorneys anymore. Imagine AI-driven, interactive data that identifies key innovators and first movers before most people have even heard of them.

Spot IP opportunities first and build a valuable IP portfolio - without large expenditures of time and money.

Get insight on investment opportunities before anyone else, and spot shifts in market direction and industry trends.

Create a comprehensive IP strategy and run competitive intelligence for your clients - all in one powerful toolbox.

Our founders have worked with patents and visualization software for 23 years.

Our CEO, JiNan Glasgow George is a Leading Global IP Strategist who has worked on patent research and analysis for companies like Apple, Visa, Microsoft and NASA. Together with CTO Taylor Brockman, an AI and software expert, they’ve created a machine learning platform that shows the complete dynamic picture in the marketplace.

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AI Cybersecurity: Threat and Risk Management

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