It seemed that for every hot trend that sweeps over the country, an equal trend silently swept across the US Patent Office years before.

No matter which industry or trend, from mobile payments to grid electrification to cloud computing, the big players in the market quietly “patented up.” When conditions became right, the winners were positioned to corner the market and eliminate all competition.

On March 16, 2013, the rules changed. We took advantage of it.

Since US Patent law changed in 2013, priority is given to the first-to-file, not the first-to-invent.

This means that any company gearing up to enter the market will leave a trail of paperwork full of their intentions. We’ve seen this pattern of patents leading market activity repeated over and over – in every commercial sector, from mobile payments to cryptocurrency.

Our real-time Patent Forecast™ software, powered by AI, can detect shifts - before anyone else.

Our exclusive technology uses machine learning to identify trends that emerge from patent investment — and that integrate market data — to give you the edge needed to get to the opportunity first. When you purchase a Magic Number Patent Forecast  Sector, your team receives instant access to professional analysis of the market, complete patent and published pending application document set, an interactive visualization, along with underlying data, delivered privately over the web, with weekly updates.

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