When Autonomous cars are so perfect, they cause more accidents

According to accident reports released by the state of California, autonomous car companies testing their vehicles statewide have the most collisions when a human driver rear-ends…

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Forget the smile – just have a Coke and some pot

Coke made big news last week when Aurora Cannabis Inc, a Canadian licensed cannabis producer, announced a possible future partnership with the American beverage company to develop…

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The 1 thing startups must know about patents – or your idea is done for

When US Patent laws changed in 2013, priority was given to the first-to-file, not the first-to-invent, meaning any company gearing up to enter the market.

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A hearing-aid company enters the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” industry. Pay attention..

This Medical Alert industry, for many decades now, has manufactured devices designed to alert caregivers after a fall occurs, via a transmitter devices worn around a patient’s…

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Ford reorganizes to focus on autonomous vehicles

As with every industry sector we’ve observed, patent investment always leads market activity. We’ve seen this pattern repeated over and over in every commercial sector, from…

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Coming to a Bank of America near you: Cryptocurrency brokerage accounts?

On December 2017, Bank of America received their 2nd United States patent within the cryptocurrency sector, bringing them into the running with the technology giants Google,…

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Think cryptocurrency is a fad? Bank of America disagrees with you.

When large multi-billion dollars companies start investing, it’s officially a trend. According to recent patent filings, large banks keep developing blockchain-based systems. This…

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