General Info + Introduction

Congratulations on your purchase of a Magic Number Patent Forecast® Sector! You now have access to the latest economic insights, relative valuations, and competitive assessments. Here’s how to get the most of it.

First things first: Your purchase Email.

After hitting “Place Order” for your sector, you will get a confirmation email, subject line “Your Magic Number order from [Today’s Date] which looks like this.

Important download links on your purchase email

Link to your sector PDF report
This will be a multi-page report, filled with insights and evaluations concerning your sector.

Link to your sector spreadsheet
This is an Excel Spreadsheet, listing every patent in the sector your purchased. Columns will contain data including Categories, Tags, PDF Links, Patent Matrix Diagrams, Google Patent links, Application number, Filing year, and Publication year.

Link to your Interactive web-based Radian Diagram
This is our AI-based Patent Visualizer which you will view in your web browser. Save this link, for we’re going to talk about it more soon.

Accessing your Patent Forecast® Radian Diagram

Your interactive Radian Diagram will show you patents, applications, and their assignees in a visual space relationship you’ve never seen before. Trends and patterns which were otherwise invisible will appear here as plain as day. Here’s how to access it.

When clicking your Visualization email link for the first time, this is what you’ll see.

Click on the Open the Radian Diagram Visualization link, and your Radian Diagram will appear like this:

The Radian Diagram User Interface – Headings

Name of purchased Sector

Each Radian Diagram has two headings. On the left, is the Name of your purchased Sector, which in this example, is “Cryptocurrency 2018.”

Time Frame and Patent listing summary

On the right is the Time Frame and Patent listing summary. This heading, however, changes dynamically, depending on which buttons for Time and Categories are selected (on the left panel).

The Radian Diagram User Interface – Buttons and Filters

Each Radian Diagram has 4 sets of buttons, which are labeled below.
Read further for a detailed explanation of each.

Time Frame Selector Buttons

Select the year for which to display patents and applications.
If you’d like to see the past 3, 10, or all years, just select the corresponding button.

Patents and Applications Selector

Select patent, applications, or both, and the Radian Diagram changes dynamically.

Categories Selector

Select which category to view here. Here, the user has selected “Digital Computing”

Assignees and Assignee Filter

You’ll find these buttons on the right side of your Radian Diagram. Sector reports might contain hundreds of assignees. For your convenience, the top patent assignees are displayed here.

To view other assignees or patent owners, just type their name in the search box here, and the relevant company(ies) will appear as clickable buttons.

Understanding The Patent Forecast Radian Diagram

How to tell patents and applications apart, and estimate their relative size.

All patents and applications are displayed in the center, in what we call the Radian Diagram, which is shaped like a baseball field.

Patents are solid dots, patent applications are outlined, shadowed dots.
⚫ – patent
◯ – application

The larger the specification, the larger the dot.
◯ – small specification
◯- large specification

Hovering and clicking on patent documents to get more information

Hovering on a patent or patent application dot will overing reveals a document’s current assignee, title, and patent or publication number.

Clicking on a patent or patent application dot will open to a quick view of selected text of the patent in a new browser tab. The quick view includes title, abstract, and independent claim(s) text.

On the right column, you’ll see buttons to view the patent’s
4.2a Invention Abstract
4.2b Patent Matrix Diagram
4.2c PDF with Images
4.2d Full Text

Invention Abstract

This is an anchor that will display the patent’s abstract

Patent Matrix Diagram

This interactive Patent MatrixⓇ diagram will show all dependent and independent claims of the patent. At the beginning it will show only the preambles of the independent claims. The red number shows the number of components in the independent claim and the blue number shows the number of dependent claims off the independent claim.

Just click on the box and the components and dependent claims will drop down in a drawer below.

PDF with Images

This is a direct link to the USPTO site, which shows the document as a PDF, including all images.

Full Text

This is a direct link to the USPTO site, which shows text only.

Categories in The Patent Forecast Radian Diagram:

How to select different patent categories

All categories for your sector display across the top of your Radian Diagram. For you baseball fans out there, think of it as the outfield wall. By default, all categories are shown.

By using the Category Selector, you can narrow down which category to display. For instance, in this example, Security (the bottom category on the left side) is selected. The Radian Diagram animates to show only those patents and applications in that category, along with two subcategories, Cryptography and Authentication.

Thank you!
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