Machine learning is saving lives. For almost any bodily system, research institutions and biotechnology companies alike are harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect, analyze, and predict health conditions. Though AI is not a new concept, advancements in computational power and algorithmic potential in the past decade have allowed for the application of machine learning, neural networks, and similar advanced systems in manners that were previously unavailable and on scales that were previously impossible.

The AI Biotech / Diagnostics
 2018 Report includes expert analyst opinion and insights, the full underlying dataset or all granted and published patents, plus access to the patent radar visualization.

Included with your purchase of AI Biotech / Diagnostics

1. Expert Analysis on competitive forces. (74 Page PDF)
2. Spreadsheet with a referenced documents plus classifications (Excel)
3. Data Visualization to explore ownership, classification, and distribution over time (Web Browser)
4. Weekly updates through the year as the USPTO grants patents and publishes new applications (Automatic)

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