Since the 2009 Bitcoin whitepaper, crypto currencies have risen in value, enabled decentralized global trade, but also endured market value fluctuation, theft, and use as tender for illegal transactions.

Blockchain-based technology grows in interest to large and small corporations and investors, many of which are staking their claims within this emerging intellectual property sector by filing patent applications with the USPTO.

The Cryptocurrency 2018 Report includes expert analyst opinion and insights, the full underlying dataset or all granted and published patents, plus access to the patent radar visualization.

Included with your purchase of Cryptocurrency 2018:

1. Expert Analysis on competitive forces. (24 Page PDF)
2. Spreadsheet with a referenced documents plus classifications (Excel)
3. Data Visualization to explore ownership, classification, and distribution over time (Web Browser)
4. Weekly updates through the year as the USPTO grants patents and publishes new applications (Automatic)

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