The Dashboard

Your strategy foundation: the Patent Forecast® Dashboard

Patent Forecast runs in any web browser. On top, you can select from a suite of powerful tools designed by our patent and software experts:

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A dynamic, interactive Radian visual of your sector

This radian visualization is updated every week with new patent and market activity in your area of interest, also known as a “sector.” Just clicking around can reveal a wealth of info – without reading a single patent. You can view all the companies who have been investing, their patent count and publication dates, which areas are hot, and more. Sort the radian display by years, patents applications, companies and categories. Find something you’re interested in? Then drill down to the companies, patents, claims and even the individual inventors.

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The 30,000 foot view

Top patent holders and companies

Every company in your Patent Forecast sector will have its number of patents and applications displayed. With one glance, you can view the heavy hitters in your area of interest. Clicking on a company shows their bio, and other relevant info at a glance. One click reveals their entire patent portfolio in the sector.

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Relevant Market Data

News and Insights

Market news and articles appears here, curated by a mix of our team of AI and human analysts. All Patent Forecast subscribers receive a weekly email with the latest patent and market news.

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Interactive + Dynamic

Interactive Patent Matrix® Diagrams

This is our patented instant claims tree diagramming. It shows independent and dependent claims relationships in a patent, along with full patent text and images. It’s helpful for a deep dive on a single patent document.

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info at your Fingertips

View top patent holders by company - instantly

The Companies tab shows all the companies sector-wide from the top patent owners to the lowest. Click on a company you’re interested in, and you’ll see an expanded view, complete with a company bio, relevant news & insights, the latest patent filings, and more. This is helpful for for M&A, for larger companies often like to see who the smaller players are. From here, you can drill down to see a company’s entire patent portfolio.

We do all the heavy lifting for you. It’s as easy as clicking on what you’re interested in. Stop wasting time building a complex patent search which competitive software apps require.

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Instant context + environment

Invention Categorization and Classification

Invention Categorization and Classification is important, because it shows the depth of the involved sector.

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dynamic + Relevant

Weekly updates of all patent and application filings

Patent + market data, every week in your inbox. There is no other place to get this kind of information. It’s a treasure trove of data. Plus, one tab over is our Applications tab, which is important because they are the trend indicators.

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We know code

Ability to download all patent data in XLSX format, JSON, or a web API

This gives you the ability to sort, search and analyze all data as you please.

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Recent Published Patent Activity

Every week, published patent activity for your sector is updated. Just hover your mouse over the desired year for the exact number.