Why Patent Forecast®?

Patent Forecast is a powerful suite of analytics tools that run in any web browser. Its primary engine is an interactive visualization of AI-sourced patent and market data that’s updated every week. View Free Pandemic Demo.

It is the foundation of a solid patent strategy and product road map for it can help
COMPANIES explore competitive intelligence
STARTUPS identify potential exits and licencing opportunities
PATENT ATTORNEYS use data for strategy
INDEPENDENT INVENTORS build an IP portfolio that’s attractive for licensing or commercialization
INVESTORS get insight on investment opportunities before anyone else

We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is sit back and collect the insights. For in the world of patents, you don’t get a second chance.


fig 1: Screen shots from a Patent Forecast

Even more benefits for everyone:

- spot investment opportunities
- identify market shifts and industry trends


- competitive intelligence
- understand how (or if) your IP portfolio relates to your core business
- identify disrupters in your area (or M&A targets)
- commercialization or licensing candidate identification
This is essential for an IP strategy, because most large companies aren’t familiar with their own IP portfolio, or how they even relate to their competition.
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- IP Strategy
- Competitive intelligence
- M&A targets
- identify prior art (Failure to cite all prior art can expose you to validly challenges)
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- patentability
- identify potential exits
- how do your patents compare to your competition?
- find trends, opportunities and gaps in the marketplace
- identify patenting and licensing opportunities
- aid due diligence and secure funding
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Independent inventors

- see if you fill a gap in other companies’ IP portfolios (this makes your IP much more valuable
- find out the value of your IP
- identify commercialization or licensing opportunities
It’s just like getting comps for your house. You need to know comparables in size, quality, price - just like your unique patent assets.

Why should we monitor and analyze patent filings?Because patent investment always leads market activity.

Why are you still using patent landscapes?Patent data isn’t a landscape. It changes like the weather.

Other competitors will sell you a single snapshot of patent filings. Which might be useful that week. A Patent Forecast sector is an interactive visualization tool – in real time. You can view high-level trends, then drill down into the full details – all populated from a living source of data, which dynamically updates every week with the latest patent filings and market data.


fig 2: Screen recording from Pandemics Patent Forecast

On March 16, 2013, the patent world shifted.

That’s when US Patent law changed, giving priority to the first-to-file, not the first-to-invent. Any company gearing up to enter the market will leave a trail of paperwork full of their intentions. We’ve seen this pattern of patents leading market activity repeated over and over – in every commercial sector, from mobile payments to cryptocurrency. (We predicted Fitbit’s acquisition by Google. Read about it here:) Knowing where the opportunities lie (and which areas to avoid) is essential in creating a valuable IP portfolio.


Why hasn’t patent data been used before?

Patents are tedious legal and technical documents. It takes highly-paid experts thousands of hours to review documents before any patterns emerge. This process must be repeated for every market sector of interest. It was impossible to get this data in real time. Until now.

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